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SAS Platform Administrator Career Path & Future Scope

There are a large number of organizations that look forward to integrating or implementing Linux administration in SAS. With the application called SAS Visual Analytics, distributed deployment; is the one and the only choice. However, many choose to go for Linux administration because it helps reduce operational expenditures. Proper analysis of the SAS in a Linux environment and a clear understanding of Linux methods and commands are significant for troubleshooting in the SAS Platform Administrator environment.

SAS is usually referred to as the leader in the field of analytics. It is one of the most innovative software programs that can inspire and enable its clients across the globe to convert data into intelligence. SAS Platform Administrators have different roles, including data-oriented, user-oriented, and platform-oriented support. UNIX administration in SAS is of great importance, especially for the administrators who create contact between the enterprise infrastructure support and the developer teams to ensure prior delivery of technological solutions according to a business’s needs and objectives.

Future Scope of SAS Platform Administrator

The SAS Platform Administrator industry has rapidly germinated in the last few decades. The trend appears to continue, for the next couple of years, due to cost advantage and the availability of skilled labor.

Due to the heightened demand for skilled resources, the administrators’ desires have shifted further toward diversifying exposure, unsustainable salary inflation due to multiple opportunities, and high expectations around career progression.

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According to a recent study, SAS analytics skills are the most valuable in today’s job market. The traditional healthcare paradigm extends the range of career choices for SAS programmers. SAS has become a valuable tool to the current state and future vision of healthcare analytics, role of SAS Platform Administrator.

Statisticians deliver the metadata analysis methods, implement the analysis methods to supplement the collected data, and provide:

  • The study summary tables.
  • Graphs.
  • Data listing to the statisticians and clinicians to write study reports.

SAS Platform Administrators closely work with statisticians and data managers to deliver the link between raw data and the analysis.

In a few companies, SAS Platform Administrators also create the database. SAS Platform Administrators need to write programs to read database data to SAS data sets and generate a SAS format library.

SAS Platform Administrators will also write SAS programs to clean the database data according to the edit specifications provided by CDMs.

SAS plays a significant role, from fining the clinical study to till regulatory submission. The clinical study report is compiled using the data generated in the SAS environment.

SAS also plays a role in protocol development, the randomization process, CRF designing, adverse event reporting, etc.

Job Opportunity As a SAS Platform Administrator

Once you get SAS Platform Administrator certification, this will prepare you for a rewarding and well-paying career as a SAS Analyst, SAS Programmer, SAS Developer, or Consultant.

SAS analytical skills are the most variable in today’s market, no matter where the organization is located and what serves today. SAS plays a crucial role in translating today’s business problems. Also, SAS has a powerful and stable global presence. There is a wide range of job possibilities in the field of analytics, such as sales, consulting, research and development, marketing, tech support, finance, and human resources.

Are SAS Skills in Demand?

Yes, it is true. You can earn 750000 per year in just entry-level roles at SAS! According to the survey of money and, SAS tops the list of 21 most valuable career skills with an average pay growth of 6.1%. SAS professionals are in high demand, and the market will continue to increase.

For the past 50-60 years, we have been using SAS, and day by day, this SAS is growing because most organizations are adopting SAS, which means more and more job opportunities. SAS has offices in more than 135 countries across America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Africa. Also, 90% of the Fortune Global 500 companies are using SAS to make an important decisions.

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Besides the fact that SAS is easy to learn, it wants stability and hence is dedicated software that has caught the attention of large companies. For this reason, there is an increasing demand for SAS Platform Administrators.