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Unveil details about the DVA-C01 exam topics and questions. Become familiar with the proven practice tests, study guide materials, and sample questions. It will help to make your AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification journey easy.

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Updated DVA-C01 Questions According to Current Syllabus:

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AWS DVA-C01 Exam Summary:-

  • Name of the Exam: AWS Developer Associate (AWS-CDA)
  • Exam Code: DVA-C01
  • Exam Price: $150 USD
  • Duration: 130 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 65
  • Passing Score: 720 / 1000

AWS DVA-C01 Exam Topics:-

  1. Deployment – 22%
  2. Security – 26%
  3. Development with AWS Services – 30%
  4. Refactoring – 10%
  5. Monitoring and Troubleshooting – 12%

Improve Your Knowledge-Base:

Get access to some of the sample DVA-C01 practice test questions to boost your knowledge base. Preparation is a steady process for some time, and you must always try to keep improving via learning. Access the questions from anywhere and from any device. The easy access to the questions would help you to get better with the DVA-C01 exam topics. You can solve these questions easily or learn new things from them.

Here Are Some Useful Questions:

09. A developer is designing a web application that allows the users to post comments and receive near real-time feedback. Which architectures meet these requirements?

(Select TWO.)

a) Create an AWS AppSync schema and corresponding APIs. Use an Amazon DynamoDB table as the data store.

b) Create a WebSocket API in Amazon API Gateway. Use an AWS Lambda function as the backend and an Amazon DynamoDB table as the data store.

c) Create an AWS Elastic Beanstalk application backed by an Amazon RDS database. Configure the application to allow long-lived TCP/IP sockets.

d) Create a GraphQL endpoint in Amazon API Gateway. Use an Amazon DynamoDB table as the data store.

e) Enable WebSocket on Amazon CloudFront. Use an AWS Lambda function as the origin and an Amazon Aurora DB cluster as the data store.

Answer: a, b

06. A developer is testing an application locally and has deployed it to AWS Lambda. To remain under the package size limit, the dependencies were not included in the deployment file.

When testing the application remotely, the function does not execute because of missing dependencies. Which approach would resolve the issue?

a) Use the Lambda console editor to update the code and include the missing dependencies.

b) Create an additional .zip file with the missing dependencies and include the file in the original Lambda deployment package.

c) Add references to the missing dependencies in the Lambda function’s environment variables.

d) Attach a layer to the Lambda function that contains the missing dependencies.

Answer: d

04. A company is migrating a legacy application to Amazon EC2. The application uses a user name and password stored in the source code to connect to a MySQL database.

The database will be migrated to an Amazon RDS for MySQL DB instance. As part of the migration, the company wants to implement a secure way to store and automatically rotate the database credentials.

Which approach meets these requirements?

a) Store the database credentials in environment variables in an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Rotate the credentials by replacing the AMI.

b) Store the database credentials in AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store. Configure Parameter Store to automatically rotate the credentials.

c) Store the database credentials in environment variables on the EC2 instances. Rotate the credentials by relaunching the EC2 instances.

d) Store the database credentials in AWS Secrets Manager. Configure Secrets Manager to automatically rotate the credentials.

Answer: d

07. A developer is building an application that transforms text files to .pdf files. The text files are written to a source Amazon S3 bucket by a separate application.

The developer wants to read the files as they arrive in Amazon S3 and convert them to .pdf files using AWS Lambda. The developer has written an IAM policy to allow access to Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

Which actions should the developer take to ensure that the Lambda function has the correct permissions?

a) Create a Lambda execution role using AWS IAM. Attach the IAM policy to the role. Assign the Lambda execution role to the Lambda function.

b) Create a Lambda execution user using AWS IAM. Attach the IAM policy to the user. Assign the Lambda execution user to the Lambda function.

c) Create a Lambda execution role using AWS IAM. Attach the IAM policy to the role. Store the IAM role as an environment variable in the Lambda function.

d) Create a Lambda execution user using AWS IAM. Attach the IAM policy to the user. Store the IAM user credentials as environment variables in the Lambda function.

Answer: a

03. A developer is adding sign-up and sign-in functionality to an application. The application is required to make an API call to a custom analytics solution to log user sign-in events.

Which combination of actions should the developer take to satisfy these requirements?

(Select TWO.)

a) Use Amazon Cognito to provide the sign-up and sign-in functionality.

b) Use AWS IAM to provide the sign-up and sign-in functionality.

c) Configure an AWS Config rule to make the API call triggered by the post-authentication event.

d) Invoke an Amazon API Gateway method to make the API call triggered by the post-authentication event.

e) Execute an AWS Lambda function to make the API call triggered by the post-authentication event.

Answer: a, e

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