QV12BA: Exam topics & Questions You Need to Know for the QlikView Business Analyst Exam

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Qlik QV12BA Exam Summary:-

  • Exam Name: QlikView Business Analyst
  • Exam Code: QV12BA
  • Exam Price: $250 (USD)
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 50
  • Passing Score: 65%

Qlik QV12BA Exam Topics:-

1. Gather and Interpret Requirements

2. Identify and Analyze Data Sources

3. Design and Develop the QlikView Application User Interface

Improve Your Knowledge-Base:

Get access to some of the sample QV12BA practice test questions to boost your knowledge base. Preparation is a continuous process for some time, and you must always try to keep improving via learning. Access the questions from anywhere and from any device. The easy availability of the questions would help you to get better with the QV12BA exam topics. You can solve these questions easily or learn new things from them.

Here Are Some Useful Questions:

01. A business analyst wants to get a better understanding of the relationship between revenue, margin dollars, and growth percentage for each product they sell.

Which object should the business analyst use?

a) Bar chart

b) Pie chart

c) Combo chart

d) Scatter chart

Answer: d

02. A business analyst creates a document that shows data from various countries. The users want to select one or more different countries to complete their analysis.

Which three objects meet these requirements?

(Select three.)

a) Table box

b) Statistics box

c) Text box

d) Slider

e) List box

Answer: a, c, e

03. A business user needs to analyze different KPIs such as sales amount, price, and discount by product group. Which chart type should be used?

a) Block chart

b) Pie chart

c) Line chart

d) Scatter chart

Answer: d

04. A business analyst needs to create a KPI dashboard with three gauges to measure the performance of a sales organization.

Which three measures are the most appropriate for a business analyst to use?

(Select three.)

a) Total Cost by Product

b) Margin Month over Month

c) Sales Year over Year

d) Cost Year to Date

e) Total Sales by Region

Answer: b, c, d

05. A business user opens a QlikView application on an iPad, and scroll bars are displayed on the right side of the screen. What should the business analyst do to remove the scroll bars?

a) Select View > Fit Zoom to iPad

b) Apply the correct Theme for the iPad

c) Rotate the iPad from landscape to portrait view

d) Redesign the application with consideration of the tool bar and tab row

Answer: d

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