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Getting Started in Cloud Security with CCSP Certification

Presently, diversified malware is growing at a fleet pace to secure the sensitive information of an organization. In this age, IT organizations are merely striving to protect their private information and security systems. So, this trend is driving the need for a Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP). CCSP is an internationally recognized cloud security certification. (ISC)² CCSP certification confirms an applicant’s high-level technical skills and knowledge needed to manage, design, and secure data, applications, and infrastructure in the Cloud using best practices, policies, and methods established by the cybersecurity specialists at (ISC)².

The CCSP is best suited for IT and information security professionals responsible for applying best practices to cloud security architecture, operations, design, and service orchestration, comprising those in the following positions:

  • Systems Engineer
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Security Administrator
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Manager
  • Systems Architect
  • Security Architect
  • Security Consultant

ISC2 CCSP Exam Information

ISC2 CCSP certification exam comprising of 125 questions needs to be answered in 3 hours. Out of 125 questions, 25 pre-test questions remain unchanged. To pass the exam, you will need to acquire a minimum of seven hundred out of a thousand points.

CCSP Exam Domains:

  • Domain 1. Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design.
  • Domain 2. Cloud Data Security.
  • Domain 3. Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security.
  • Domain 4. Cloud Application Security.
  • Domain 5. Cloud Security Operations.
  • Domain 6. Legal, Risk, and Compliance.

Reasons Why You Should Opt For CCSP Certification

Nowadays, businesses are looking for Cloud Professionals proficient in Cloud security. Here are few benefits of earning ISC2 CCSP Certification:

1. Higher Salary

The core reason why CCSP certification is worth it is that it can help you scale up the corporate ladder and get a higher salary. Certified Cloud Security Professional make good $80K to $100K a year as a Cloud professional. Having an ISC2 CCSP certification will not just be a decoration in your living room, but it will sincerely improve your odds to get a better-paying job.

2. Security

It is always recommended to invest in markets that are growing at a consistent speed or are expected to do amazing. Cloud Security is one such market where the numbers are brilliant, and the vacant jobs are expected to soar. Whenever we try and invest in situations where the vacancies are more than people applying for it, your possibilities of getting a job in the domain are greater. This is the same status with the Cloud. There are more vacancies than certified and skilled professionals who can seize these opportunities.

3. Credibility

Having CCSP certification indicates that you could help an organization reduce risks and optimize costs for carrying out workloads. This also offers opportunities for applicants to accomplish cloud-related projects, and your clients will perceive you as a credible professional.

4. Greater Job Opportunities with CCSP Certification

Whenever we talk of getting CCSP certification, the core intention is always about getting a job. But looking at the competition in the market, we always feel a requirement to excel. One way to obtain this is by passing the CCSP exam. Once you become certified, it gives you permission to travel into the Cloud Security World. It won’t assure you a job, but it will make you stand out and be considered an individual eligible for the same career.

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So, having the right set of skills along with the CCSP certification is also required. The reason organizations hire certified professionals because it makes it simpler for them to separate out the applicants. The other reason is that it proves the dedication of an individual to the domain. And in some instances, it is to ensure that they satisfy the standard of having a higher number of certified people board.

5. Enhance job security

Promoting one’s job in cloud security comes at the cost of enhanced knowledge. To secure their jobs, Certified Cloud Security Professional should stay updated with skillset. CCSP certification offers all the knowledge of advanced technologies every time something gets streamlined in the market.

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