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SAS Platform Administrator Certification: Steps and Salary

Are you preparing to become a SAS Platform Administrator? If that is the case, the exam might make you anxious and take you back to school when everything stops before a big exam. It does not have to be that way.

As a SAS Platform Administrator, you will operate within the back office, marketing multiple products. You will consistently deliver high customer service to platform clients, crucial account partners, and service providers.

You will also bring an analytical and systematic process to problem-solving and use your initiative while contributing to effective team working. As we are committed to constant improvement, you will also be expected to actively look for opportunities to be more efficient and improve the service provision of the team.

(A00-250) SAS Platform Administrator | Get Ready to Crack

One must be experienced in SAS programming and skilled in server and PC hardware configurations for a minimum time to get a good grip on SAS Administrator roles.

Step Roadmap to Launch Your SAS Platform Administrator Career

1. Download SAS University Edition

The SAS university edition is a high starting point. It is seamless, easy to explore, and helps you build a solid foundational understanding of SAS. It is free to download, so get your copy here.

Remember that the free version has limited functionality, and SAS’s advanced features are behind a paywall. Pricing from vendors like SAS is typically confidential and client-specific, so that you can get a sense of the edition cost from SAS’s site. Still, the subscription is between $7k and $9k a year for the underlying Windows analytics package.

2. Brush Up Your SQL Know – How and Other Statistical Skills

SQL, regression modeling, time series analysis, ANOVA, and many other statistical skills are essential when you work with SAS. Get up to speed in these areas before you delve into the nitty-gritty of SAS itself.

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3. Books, Tutorials, Videos – Explore Them All

Many free resources are available online for those looking to learn SAS Platform Administrator.

For practice, visit developer hubs. Benchmark your creations against sample code shared by Platform Administrator learners worldwide. The Book is another helpful resource for SAS learners.

4. Consider a SAS Platform Administrator Certification

Once you have a sound understanding of the basics, it is time to explore advanced topics. While freely-available resources will help you get started with SAS, formal training is indispensable for those looking to build a career in the field. SAS Platform Administrator certification courses include hands-on practice with live industry projects and give you the experience you need to enter the industry.

5. Education

Career progression requires sound financial knowledge. SAS Platform Administrator certification is also a measurable index of practical implementation skills in the basics. There is no better way to gain a working knowledge of these tools than to enroll in a SAS Platform Administrator certification training program.

6. Quality of Life for SAS Platform Administrator

The average SAS Platform Administrator in Los Angeles, CA, makes $108,869, 17% above the national average Platform Administrator salary of $93,450. This pay is 11% higher than the average salary in New York, NY.

With a pay of roughly $6,777/month, and the median 2BR apartment rental price of $1,756/month in Los Angeles, CA, a Platform Administrator would pay 25.91% of their monthly take-home salary towards rent. The average income spent on the cost of living, excluding rent within Los Angeles per month for an individual, is $971, and for a 4-person family, $3,566.

This means for an individual, the total cost of living is 40.24% of a Platform Administrator in Los Angeles’ salary, leaving $4,050 as discretionary income; whereas for a family of 4, the total cost of living is 78.54% of a Platform Administrator in Los Angeles’ salary leaving $1,454 as discretionary income. When considering the cost of living, this places Los Angeles, CA, as 2nd out of the three largest nearby metros in terms of quality of life for Platform Administrators.

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7. Do Not Give up

Not everyone will pass the first time, but doing the exam serves as excellent training to get an idea of which areas you need to improve on and how it is structured.

Preparing for your SAS Platform Administrator exam requires sacrifice, dedication, and determination. You do not need complete SAS experience, several months, or much money.

Future Job Needs

You will need to consider the future job needs that each option could provide. If you are launching a SAS Platform Administrator career and looking to land your first data science role, you will need career support to maximize your chances of success.